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Continuing Education Complaint Resolution Policy

Updated 12/30/2021

Counseling and Counselor Education Services of Georgia, LLC (CCESG) has an established policy to guarantee quality assurance and satisfaction with our continuing education offerings. We take every inquiry and grievance seriously and seek to resolve them as quickly as possible in a manner that is satisfactory to our customers.

Grievance concerning activity or workshop

In the event a participant is dissatisfied with any portion of an activity, workshop or content-related issues, we recommend the participant immediately contact our main office via email or phone while any details of dissatisfaction are fresh in mind. A customer service representative will then document the details of the grievance in our database. If a phone call is not feasible, participants may also submit a written grievance to us via email or regular mail. We will reply to all written grievances, promptly and professionally, within 2 business days from the date of receipt of the grievance. Phone grievances are handled immediately upon point of contact.

Depending on the situation, we use the following steps to resolve a problem:

  1. We may transfer the participant to another activity of his/her choice.
  2. We may issue a gift certificate the participant can redeem for a different activity of choice.
  3. We may provide the participant a partial or full refund of the amount paid for the event.

Grievance concerning presenter/presentation style

In the event a participant has a grievance concerning a presenter, the grievance is reviewed by our CEO, Dr. Joan Hall, and then a customer service representative will submit the confidential grievance to the Activity Planner assigned to that specific presenter. This planner works solely with the presenter and is the direct contact to the participants. These comments allow our planner to determine if any revisions or corrective action is needed based on the information provided.

Grievance concerning facilities/location of the workshop

In the event there is a problem with the facilities used for the event, we work directly with a contact representative from that facility to remedy any problem on site. Our customer services department will receive follow-up correspondence afterward to ensure any problems were resolved.

Grievance concerning non-receipt of certificate

In the event a participant contacts us stating he/she was not able to access the certificate on-line, our customer service staff checks event/course records to verify attendance and then works with the participant to provide access through his/her account or will mail certificate to participant.

Due Process

Any grievance, complaint, or issue is handled in a timely and ethical manner and procedures for handling these are saved in written policy and procedure format to ensure due process.

Written Grievance on event Evaluations/Post-Tests

Every participant will complete a post-test/evaluation form at the end of the event. We ask participants to rank the activity on many aspects and to share any feedback, concerns or comments. These forms are reviewed within 7 business days by the CEO and support staff and used for continued process improvement efforts.

ADA Needs

We are happy to accommodate any participant’s ADA needs. We ask participants to notify us of any ADA needs at least two weeks prior to the event date. We make participants fully aware of our ADA needs policy by printing it in our brochures and any email promotions we have for an event, as well as on our website. The customer service staff will document the registration with the specific required need and then our presenter will follow up to acquire the necessary accommodations. If a grievance concerns our program, the CEO will attempt to arbitrate.

Contact name:  Dr. Joan Hall, PhD, LPC
Email: ccesga@gmail.com
Telephone number: 256-975-7865
Address: 3174 E. Fairview Rd, McDonough, GA 30252-8118